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Product Portfolio Analysis & Rationalisation


Over a period of years, a software and services company had acquired a number of products through a series of acquisitions across Europe.  The company needed to conduct a full product portfolio analysis and rationalisation exercise. With such a broad range of offerings, sales teams were engaging across multiple contact points within the same customers.  Prospects and customers were receiving multiple, often conflicting, messages.  Such confusion would ultimately have a damaging effect on business as competitors would inevitably embark on displacement strategies.


The company needed to reduce operating costs, maximise profits and increase sales and marketing efficiencies.  To achieve this, a comprehensive review of all products needed to be conducted.  Rationalising product portfolios across Europe would also enable the company to re-visit their overall value propositions, sales and marketing strategies and fend off competitive threats.

Declare was asked to assess the problem and determine how best to serve the needs of primary European markets including UK, France and Germany.


Declare undertook a rigorous market and customer analysis paying particular attention to customer needs, market trends and revenue potential.  A detailed review of the product portfolios was conducted in order to determine today’s profitability versus tomorrow’s potential.  Findings from both sets of analyses were then combined in order to present invest / divest recommendations as well as future product development synergies.

After a series of reviews with the European executive leadership team, recommendations to rationalise the product portfolios were agreed.   Upon agreement, we managed and implementing a comprehensive programme of change.  This involved re-defining value propositions and product positioning as well as building detailed Go-to-Market plans for each new portfolio.  Particular attention was given to identifying cross-selling opportunities as this would give our client greater depth and breadth within identified, high value accounts.  This also provided focus for the sales teams and the marketing teams were provided with clear target market definitions and messaging.


Market and portfolio analysis including:

  • Specific customer drivers by industry
  • Detailed customer segmentation and analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Market share potential
  • Key growth areas and opportunities
  • Risk identification of mitigation strategies
  • Product investment and divestment recommendations
  • Identification of cross-portfolio product synergies
  • Net present value analysis

Development of new value propositions, product positioning and messaging aligned to rationalised product portfolios.  Detailed Go-to-Market plans covering:

  • Market opportunity; size and market forecast by territory
  • Market segmentation & positioning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Growth opportunities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Channels to market
  • Revenue plans
  • Sales readiness requirements
  • Product roadmaps
  • Marketing strategy & plans
  • Sales strategy & plans
  • Key dependencies & success factors

On completion of the assignment, our client had a clear product strategy for each of its key European markets  with resources focused on developing, managing and bringing to market profitable products.  This was supported by well defined sales and marketing strategies.  Internal teams were equipped with the necessary tools and insights needed to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by the company’s complementary product portfolios.


Client Profile
European software and services company

Business Needs
Reduce operating costs, maximise profits and increase sales & marketing efficiencies by rationalising product portfolios

Work Areas
Market & portfolio analysis Value propositions, product positioning & messaging Go-to-Market plans

Clear product strategy Sales & marketing efficiencies Focus product development & management